Course Description

  • BS English

    General Courses

    Social Sciences
    Course Code Course Name
    HU122 Study Skills
    HU124 Introduction to Philosophy and Iqbalyat
    HU123 Introduction to Geography
    HU221 SIslamic History & Culture
    HU223 Human Rights & Citizenship
    HU325 Introduction to International Relations
    HU 221 Introduction to Environmental Studies
    HU 113 Introduction to Psychology
    FL 200 Foreign Language
    Management Sciences
    Course Code Course Name
    BA 354 Human Resource Management
    BA 202 Logical and Critical Thinking
    Applied Sciences
    Course Code Course Name
    MA112 Mathematics and Statistics for Social Sciences
    CS103 Introduction to Information and Computer Technology (ICT) Skills

    Elective Courses

    Course Code Course Name
    EL 409 Introduction to Women’s Writing
    EL 410 Introduction to Postmodern Fiction
    EL430 Pakistani Literature in English
    EL431 Postcolonial Literature
    EL432 American Literature
    EL 433 African Literature
    EL 434 Postcolonial Women’s Writing
    EL 435 Islam and Western Literature
    EL 436 Pakistani Folk Literature
    EL440 Literary Theory and Practice
    Course Code Course Name
    EL 441 IIntroduction to Translation Studies
    EL 460 Emerging Trends in Sociolinguistics
    EL 461 Introduction to Computational Linguistics
    EL 470 Introduction to Applied Linguistics
    EL 471 English for Specific Purposes
    EL 472 Introduction to Critical Pedagogy
    EL 482 Introduction to Pakistani English
    EL 473 Introduction to Second language acquisition
    EL 450 Introduction to Syntax
    EL 462 Introduction to Forensic Linguistics
    EL 480 Introduction to Stylistics
    EL 481 Introduction to World Englishes