Career Advisory

Career advisory entails providing information, advising on training paths and professional prospects, training in cross-skills, and assistance in the development of professional projects. Its goal is to assist students by providing initial professional development as well as access to ongoing training. The departments and the placement office keep students up to date on the newest developments in the professional market. Another aspect is faculty training, which involves advising students that this career shall be more suitable for him/her keeping in view of his/her strength, alignment to a particular field, and difficulties in some other areas.

The AU placement office provides the required information for employment to all students including the alumni. However, the department/faculty may also enhance their engagements with the industries to have better employment opportunities. The main functions of career advisory include: -

  • (a) Academic and professional guidance
  • (b) Professional development and provision of linkage with industries
  • (c) Extracurricular professional placements
  • (d) Employment options
  • (e) University entrepreneurship

The principal contribution of career advisors is to answer questions of students on career growth, exploration, and placement methods. Careers advisers facilitate in giving advice regarding career choices after graduation, employment, training, and further education opportunities to its students, including young people and the unemployed.

Contact Details: Placement Office / Directorate of Student Affairs