Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Sciences are an incumbent part of any university’s basic curriculum. Social Sciences help explain the world in which we live. They help students define their role in the society and develop their ability to think critically.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the vibrant Faculties at Air University. Its PhD and MPhil/MS Linguistics and Literature, and BS English Programs are one of the most sought after programs in the country. English language courses and other subjects of Humanities are also taught to the undergraduate students of Engineering, Basic, and Administrative Sciences by our well-trained faculty.

The Faculty of Social Sciences also aims to extend its programs and courses in various fields for graduate and postgraduate students to combine academic rigor and research design with a strong focus on real-world experience, involving their engagement in the field of social sciences. The faculty is committed to put a strong focus on practical skills along with moral ethical code – to prepare students for an in-depth exploration of contemporary social issues with an intellectual and practical engagement in their chosen field. The faculty also desires to draw on its unique strengths in collaboration with other organizations to establish Social Sciences Research Centre, (SSRC) with the purpose to respond to the contemporary challenges of the society. The Faculty of Social Sciences encourages students to combine their theoretical knowledge of the contemporary world with an understanding of the cultural and political processes to participate more effectively in the formal and informal events.