Salient Features of Faculty of Social Sciences

The Field of Social Sciences deciphers how individuals interact and make sense of the social world. This field involves understanding the influential role of citizens, policies, governments, politics, languages, cultures, morals, laws and practices in the world. It is my great privilege and honour to introduce the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), at Air University. The faculty is comprised of two diverse departments:1-Dept of English and 2- Dept of Humanities, Education & Psychology (HEP). Each of these departments have their own aura, skills, pedagogy, knowledge and methodologies to instill beneficiary skills among the students. Each of them involve interdisciplinary conception, intellectual stimulation, critical thinking, and empirical reflection for the purpose of developing a better, harmonious and civilized society. At FSS we have very vibrant, professionally skilled, highly qualified and energetically motivated faculty

Department of English

The Academic programs offered by the Department of English include:

1. BS English program offers a strong foundation in literature, linguistics and English language teaching to the undergraduates. Many of our students have proved themselves as distinguished literary writers and have presented the university at various forums. At the end of the degree program, students produce a peer-reviewed final year project (FYP).

2. MS Linguistics, and MS Linguistics & Literature provide advanced intensive courses on research, critical thinking through comparative analysis and application of theory in a social context to contemporary issues. The programs enable scholars to produce empirical research, leading them to become critical thinkers, informed decision-makers, and well-rounded citizens.

3. PhD Linguistics and PhD Linguistics & Literature programs promote strong research skills, critical thinking, theoretical analysis, construction of research design, analysis of societal problems and preservation of languages in line with international research practices.

Department of Humanities, Education and Psychology (HEP)

The Academic programs offered by the Department of HEP include:

1. BS Psychology offers a strong foundation in the basics and fundamentals of Psychology, to the undergraduates.

2. M.Phil Education provides advanced intensive courses on research, critical thinking through comparative analysis and application of theory in a social context to contemporary issues relevant to the field of Education.

3. MS Clinical Psychology program is a specialized program based on the HEC's recommended guidelines. The Clinical Psychologists go through vigorous training in administering psychological tests, interpreting the results and diagnosing patients. This training includes writing reports and learning how to evaluate reports and referrals. They are further trained for conducting therapeutic sessions using the various theories of Psychotherapy (like Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic etc) focusing on techniques and styles specially designed for the treatment of specific disorders.

Both the Depts provide the students with a sound theoretical knowledge complemented with hands on practice in the form of intensive activities carried out during the extensive teaching cum research period.

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