Air University School of Management (AUSOM)

The Air University School of Management - AUSOM offers BSHCM, BSTHM, BSAvM, BBA-Hons, BS-Accounting and Finance, MBA, MS Project Management, MS Business Analytics, MS-Management/HR/Finance and PhD Management Sciences programs for individuals with diverse professional and educational backgrounds.


AUSOM is recognized nationally for innovative and outstanding academic programs and quality research.


AUSOM is devoted to impart excellent business education to prepare competent and socially responsible business leaders and conduct research to advance the field of business studies.

AUSOM Graduates at Corporate Sector

Our Student's Say

“Air University’s BBA Program has been comprehensive enough to shape my career for the long-term. My current success is all attributed to my teachers and mentors at Air.”

“My education at Air University has been very useful in determining my career in the broadcast industry with grooming and insights required for a positive contribution towards society.”

“I admire AUSOM not just we witnessed the first-ever case study methodology but also the quality of education and thinking beyond limitations and borders.”

“My Masters of Business Administration degree at Air has been instrumental in providing me with a broad view towards understanding markets from a proverbial 60,000 feet above-ground level.”

“AUSOM has provided me with the kind of grooming to establish myself as a professional in supply chain. In addition, my academic training delivered an edge towards entrepreneurial ventures to which I have been engaged for the last 5 years.”

“As a graduate of Air University, I am glad to apply all my knowledge and skills in determining my career in professional research.”

“The most striking thing known to me at AUSOM is the case-based training that truly brought a worthwhile experience in solving real-life problems that proved essential to my career.”

“My training as an HR person is primarily attributed to the Masters Degree at AUSOM where the real value for education came to my life.”

“At AUSOM, in addition to academic training, my interaction with teachers and sharing their professional experiences has been a strong impulse to boost my professional life."

“Although I did not earn a very high GPA, yet my entrepreneurial dream came true with an enormous coaching and classroom learning experience at AUSOM.”

“At a very early stage in my life, I successfully took over responsibility of a big organization. Thanks to a wonderful learning experience at AUSOM, especially their mode of conducting classroom case studies.”

“The cases and final year project at AUSOM have been a key factor in getting me an opportunity for a beneficial corporate exposure. Thank you AUSOM.”

“I graduated from a very good business school, AUSOM that has proven me a success story in attaining the top corporate positions.”

“The academic rigour that I got especially from the last semester classes including the case studies that were newly adopted at AUSOM was a terrific and career-defining experience.”

“My studies in the BBA Program enabled me to look at organizations from a technical and managerial perspective that is required for a balanced managerial mindset.”

“My life has a lot of positive memories, one being a graduate from AUSOM. Thanks to its cases and classroom discussions to help me get breakthrough in corporate life.”

“It opened lots of new doors for me. My ability to interact with people was polished and it shaped my personality for which I shall always be thankful as it paved my way for international opportunities. The instructors at Air are knowledgeable and always have a willingness to work for the betterment of their students.”

“A girl coming from an underdeveloped area to Air University was diversifying for me and Air made sure to make it a worth it experience. Air made me utilize my all capabilities and strengths together to produce a beautiful output. Starting from the Case Study Methodology which is the focal point in terms of your professional and personal development. It expands your skyline of thinking; makes you believe in your problem-solving skills and makes you extremely confident to build your perspective and present it in front of so many opinionative people. Business studies is all about implementation and AUSOM's methodology of teaching and implementation of all the concepts in creative situations, results in the greater extent of learning and growth at a faster pace. Thanks to all the professors at Air for being a phenomenal help during the research time. Air's Research Methodology is something you can be proud of.”