Message Of The Dean

Faculty Of Social Sciences!

Dr. Munawar Ahmad

At Department of English, Air University, we offer the courses in linguistics and literature at BS, MS and PhD levels. The department also caters to the linguistic competence needs of students of other faculties through offering a wide array of ESP courses. Department of English is determined to provide the best experience of learning and research. The students are not only encouraged to acquire knowledge, information and skills of their field, but also invigorated to be responsible citizens and informed human beings. Moreover, our advisory committees provide them with counselling in their academic and personal matters that they bring to them.

The role of research for the betterment of a country and its people cannot be ignored these days. This field needs to be much focused especially in the developing countries like Pakistan. In this regard, we create opportunities for our students and scholars to polish and hone their research skills. We publish two bi-annual journals: in linguistics and literature i.e. Erevna and in Corpus Linguistics i.e. Corporum. We also have a research center, Corpus Research Center which has launched the first Pakistani National Corpus of English language. Our students and scholars also arrange research seminars and annual international conferences to contribute in the field of research. To teach our students diversity of Pakistani cultures and languages, interfaith harmony, tolerance and acceptance, we arrange “Unity in Diversity” annually and Guest Speaker Seminar Series sessions twice a semester.