Message Of The Dean

Faculty Of Social Sciences!

I am pleased to welcome you to this website and encourage you to explore it for either pursuing your career or enriching your academic experience. The Faculty of Social Sciences has a crucial role to nurture and protect the future of upcoming generations by inculcating an informed vision of the self in relation to the values and beliefs existing in the social fabric of society. We are committed to safeguard these interests by providing quality education and research in Linguistics, Literature, English Language Teaching/Learning, Islamic Studies, International Relations and Pakistan Studies.

The Faculty is committed to develop the future of the nation by providing it with well-rounded personalities among the students. This is ensured with the provision of necessary infrastructure and resources required to build knowledge base of its students. Besides that, we are also committed to stimulate creativity and a desire of innovation. Therefore, the faculty and students are encouraged to engage in intellectual activities, like group discussions, dialogues, seminars and conferences, relevant to various issues of social, cultural, linguistic and educational significance.

Professionalism is our hallmark and academic excellence shaped by ethics is our cherished value. We hope that by being part of this institution, you would be able to broaden your horizon, develop and polish your skills to become an active and contributing citizen of the country with an understanding of the global issues as well.

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Dr. Wasima Shehzad