AU Research Group Of Social Science


Our vision is to contribute to the cultivation of research opportunities in various areas of Humanities and Social Sciences in Pakistan. Through this vibrant enterprise, HUM Researchers envision exploring solutions of the local problems related to the cultural, social, religious, political, linguistic and academic domains of the country.


The mission of the group is to build research capacity of the faculty and the postgraduate students of the university, from the field of Humanities/Social Sciences (in general) and Linguistics and Literature and English Language Teaching/Learning, (in particular). Achieving excellence in research through different research activities is a priority. In addition to that, creation of maximum opportunities of funded research projects in collaboration with different national and international organizations is emphasized.


  • To provide a platform to share contemporary trends in research

  • To discuss indigenous social problems and explore viable solutions

  • To offer opportunities to novice researchers to improve their research skills

  • To arrange workshops, seminars and symposiums

  • To organize national and international conferences

  • To work on projects in collaboration with researchers of other universities and related organizations

  • To develop and execute different community service programs related to the research findings

  • To start a research journal