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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering!

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering currently offers MS program in Mechanical Engineering and in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in Solid Mechanics, and Fluid Mechanics. The MS program allows a student sufficient time after the completion of his/her mandatory 24 credit hours coursework to pursue a research area at an internationally acceptable level. MS thesis is aimed at producing work, which can meet the criteria for publishing in international journals / conference proceedings. Since Fall 2009, the Department is also offering Bachelors Program in Mechanical Engineering(BEME). Teaching in the Department is accomplished through lectures, problem-solving sessions, tutorials, laboratory work and simulations. The Department has sixteen permanent faculty members, ten of whom are Ph.D.s from foreign universities of repute. In addition to the resident faculty, an appropriate number of Ph.D. qualified engineers with rich practical experience in relevant fields, have been associated as adjunct faculty members. The department boasts well-equipped laboratories for conducting necessary experimental work.

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Dr. Ibraheem Haneef