Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)

Design/Planning: In planning phase, initially course plan is designed by the instructor incorporating objectives, course content, weekly lecture plans, and text/reference books. Six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy are defined as evaluation, synthesis, analysis, application, comprehension and knowledge in the curriculum. Later on, meaningful teaching assessment plan for CLOs is designed which incorporates quizzes, assignments and projects. The CLOs are also mapped with PLOs. The Departmental Board of Studies (DBS) reviews the CLOs and on recommendation of the boar, Program Chair grants the approval.

Assessment: In assessment phase, CLOs that were defined in the planning phase are assessed using direct assessment method in which evaluation is done through the quizzes, assignments, lab work / reports, examinations and projects.

Analysis: Analysis includes an examination of CLOs which is carried out through student evaluation. CLOs are examined closely through the analysis of marks secured by students.

Evaluation and Revision: Once CLOs are analyzed, course is then reviewed by the DBS in cases where KPIs are not met: loophole or weak area is identified and communicated to the concerned instructor.