Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Undertake and deliver challenging industrial projects in Electrical and related systems by complying with the project engineering requirements of stakeholders.

  2. Carry out research and development projects with minimum supervision in emerging electrical engineering areas that lead to intellectual property development.

  3. Accept leadership role in organizations or in their own startups by applying out-of-box cognition to invent society-centric sustainable commercial technologies.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Employable graduates with in depth knowledge and sound understanding of principles of Computer Engineering with a quest for lifelong learning

  2. Graduates demonstrating the capacity to assume social, environmental and ethical responsibility in the national and global perspective.

  3. Graduates with capability to be effective team members and take a leadership role in research, design, innovation, implementation and operation of Computer and related systems.

  4. Graduates who can communicate effectively with those inside and outside of Engineering Community and be able to exhibit social and professional responsibility in national and global context.