Department of Electrical&Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering is the largest constituent unit of Air University in its size and scope. It has been in operation since 2002 and has graduated ten batches of students to date who are gainfully employed in various public and private sector organizations and are also pursuing graduate degrees in national and international universities. All the graduated batches have Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) accreditation.

The department has eleven modern laboratories which are equipped with the latest training aids to enhance the learning experience of the students. It has digital electronics, electronic systems, analog, digital, RF and optical communication, power electronics and electrical machines, control systems, embedded systems design, digital signal and image processing, telecommunication networks laboratory, power systems laboratory and projects laboratory. Students also have access to five computer laboratories with latest computer hardware and software for computer based courses and fast internet connection. For research purposes, students have access to IEEE digital library as well as other digital libraries with access provided by HEC.

Bachelor of Computer engineering (BCE) stresses on the theoretical and practical knowledge of complex digital systems, including general-purpose computers and special-purpose embedded systems. CE establishes the line between hardware and software, and partially overlaps computer science and electrical engineering programs. CE students learn how to analyze and design hardware-software systems from transistors to systems software. Microprocessors and microcontrollers are the central topics, and the curriculum includes both analyzing and designing hardware-software systems that contain microprocessors.