Mission Statement

The Department Mission was formulated by the Faculty and approved by the Academic Council. The Mission is stated as:

“The department aspires to produce outstanding professionals with excellent knowledge of engineering discipline, professional integrity and ethical values. The graduates should be capable to compete in the contemporary industrial environment and must be intellectually strong enough to undertake assignment in the fields of higher studies, innovation and development.”

PEO 1: Undertake and deliver challenging industrial projects in Electrical and related systems by complying with the project engineering requirements of stakeholders.

PEO 2: Carry out research and development projects with minimum supervision in emerging electrical engineering areas that lead to intellectual property development.

PEO 3: Accept leadership role in organizations or in their own startups by applying out-of-box cognition to invent society-centric sustainable commercial technologies.

Mission / Vision Vision & Mission Keywords PEO1 PEO2 PEO3
AU Vision TeachingPEO1, LearningPEO2,
ResearchPEO2, InnovationPEO3,
Public servicePEO3
AU Vision TeachingPEO1, ResearchPEO2,
Professional knowledgePEO1,
IntegrityPEO2 ,Social
responsibilityPEO3, lifelong
learningPEO2, ProsperousPEO1,
peacefulPEO3 and Enlightened
KnowledgePEO1, IntegrityPEO2,
EthicsPEO2, Compete in
IndustryPEO1, Undertake
developmentPEO2, researchPEO2
and higher studiesPEO2