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Welcome to the Department of Aerospace Sciences And Strategic Studies (DASSS)!

I heartily welcome you to Department of Aerospace Sciences and Strategic Studies (DASSS) of Air University. DASSS is dedicated to train scholars and practitioners in strategic studies by imparting knowledge through a multi-disciplinary approach and research. Combination of strategic studies including strategy, war and political violence, aerospace and cyberspace, traditional and non-traditional security, would equip DASSS students with better understanding of strategic challenges of 21st Century. The students would be exposed to policy making community of the country through visits and interactions with various military and government departments, besides interacting with senior practitioners and academics as guest speakers in conferences, seminars and lectures. Participation in seminars and conferences and publishing the research forms an important part of intellectual grooming of DASSS scholars.

Graduates of MS Strategic Studies would find better job opportunities in the government and non-government sectors. Their prospective employers include: security establishment, government agencies, NGOs dealing with non-traditional aspects of security such as environment, climate change, disaster management, and international non-government organizations including United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). DASSS graduates would also find job opportunities in the print and electronic media, research organizations and the academia. I invite you to join DASSS and be a part of the strategic community of Pakistan.

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Dr. Ghulam Mujaddid