Educational/Recreational Activities

On the 24th November 2023, the students of BS-IR 2nd and 5th semesters, paid a visit to the Senate of Pakistan. The students, upon arrival, were guided to the senate museum where they watched a short documentary on the history and importance of the senate, they also observed the various artefacts that were on display. After being briefed on the rules and protocol of observing the senate proceedings, the students attended the 333rd session of the Senate of Pakistan, where several senators were present and deliberating on the issue of the income of state bank.

The Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS) organized a Book launch event. The author “Ambassador (R) Zamir Akram” of the book titled “THE SECURITY IMPERATIVE: PAKISTAN’S NUCLEAR DETERRENCE AND DIPLOMACY” had an in-depth interactive discussion with the FASS faculty & students, and academics from other institutions.

FASS held a 4 – week summer internship in July. The internship provided motivated students the opportunity to learn about the professional environment and requirements at an academic and research workplace through on ground training during their duties in the FASS 3rd Workshop on Contemporary Security Issues and specific learning sessions ranging from how to project yourself and your organisation in digital media and research ethics to report and Op-Ed writing as well as professional conduct in the workplace.

Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies hosted District Election Commissioner Mr Waqas Malik. He talked on local government elections of Islamabad and how the Election Commission of Pakistan has worked to ensure the structure is in place. Ms. Zille Huma of the Election Commission of Pakistan delivered her talk on the importance of voting and how the election process works.

A visit by BASIC i.e. a non-profit think tank working to safeguard humanity and Earth’s ecosystem from nuclear risks and interconnected security threats to the Department of Strategic Studies on 11th January, 2023.

The Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS) arranged a visit by Fatih Sultan Mehmat Vakif University to the Department of Strategic Studies on 07th, February. Potential areas of collaboration between the two institutions were discussed, highlighting opportunities for students of both countries through academic exchange programs.

The Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS) arranged a visit for Bachelors and Masters students to the Center for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS) on 21st April, 2022. Students were briefed about CASS’s publications, national and international engagements, internship opportunities, the role of airpower in Pakistan, and then engaged in an interactive questions and answers session with senior researchers and Director Admin and Coord.

“FASS organized a recreational trip for its students to Chinar Golf Course in Bhurban and PAF Base Lower Topa where they enjoyed ziplining, archery, trekking the Bhurban golf course hill scape tracks, and the wonderful weather.

“FASS organized a visit to Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra for its students where they were briefed about the various functions, processes, and activities that are undertaken at PAC Kamra including avionics, aircraft repair, service and advanced flight simulations.