Research Groups

Communication Systems Group


The Communication Systems Group (CSG) conducts research on modeling, design, and implementation of communication systems. The core research topics are:

  • Wireless mobile networks and social networks
  • Internet of Things - Wireless Sensor Networks and Security
  • Future Internet architecture and protocols
Research Topics:
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Hybrid communication network architectures
  • Communication and networking protocol analysis
  • Mobile-oriented energy-aware handover
  • Network-level power conservation in cellular systems
  • Energy-conservation of mobile stations’ battery
  • Optimization algorithms for signal processing in communication
Research Labs:
  • Communication Security & Embedded Systems Lab
  • Dr Sohail Ahmed
  • Dr Amir Hasan
  • Dr Usman Riaz
MS Thesis (Completed):
  • “Stochastic Geometry and Aggregate interference of Thinned nodes in Ad-Hoc Networks” Zahid Ali

  • “Performance analysis of adhoc routing protocols” Khurram Siddique

  • “Evaluation of performance metrics for Ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol for (MANETs) using realistic mobility models.” M. Irfan Laone

  • “Optimization of OLSR routing protocol against variation in network parameters” Navaid Akhtar

  • “Automatic Modulation Classication System” Aliya Ahmed

  • “Cross-Layer Optimization of AODV Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET)” Muhammad Kamrul Islam

Research Publications:
  • Ali, A. and A. Hasan. "Stochastic Geometry of Thinned Nodes in Ad Hoc Networks." 431-435. Islamabad, 2012

  • Fazil, A. and A. Hasan. "Spatial Packing of Nodes in a Wireless Ad-Hoc Network with Long and Short Hops." In Proceedings of 2014 11th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology, IBCAST 2014, 407-413, 2014

  • Hasan, A. "Increasing Concurrent Transmissions in Cdma Adhoc Networks." 2, 1-7. Islamabad, 2009

  • Hasan, A. and A. Ali. "Guard Zone-Based Scheduling in Ad Hoc Networks." Computer Communications 56, (2015): 89-97

Control Systems and MEMS Group


Control systems research studies how to manipulate the parameters affecting the behavior of a system to produce a desired or optimal outcome. The tools that form the body of knowledge, known as control theory, are applicable to a wide variety of systems, including electrical, mechanical, chemical, biological, economic, and social systems.

MEMS research group studies Micro- and nano-scale sensors for acceleration, rotation, velocity, pressure, stress, temperature, based on a variety of physical principles, from solid-body or gaseous mechanical displacement, to expansion/contraction, to atomic spin reorientation, chemical sensors, Bio Sensors, Micromechanical Signal Processors and RF MEMS, Optical MEMS, Micro/Nano Fabrication etc.

Research Topics:

Following are the research topics:

  • Optimization and Control
  • MEMS sensors
  • Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)
  • Control of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS)
  • Robust Control System Design for Multivariable Systems
  • Robust modeling and identification
  • Nonlinear and hybrid systems
  • Robot locomotion and manipulation
  • Numerical algorithms
  • Cooperative control of autonomous agents
  • Networked control systems
  • Advanced sensing and actuation
  • Magnetic bearing systems
  • Robotic networks
  • Sensor networks
  • Adaptive Control
Research Labs:
  • Avionics Integration Lab
  • Aerospace Sensors & Systems Lab
  • Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems Lab
  • Dr Sohail Akhtar
  • Dr Tauseef-ur-Rehman
  • Dr Aftab Khan
  • Dr Ibraheem Haneef
  • Dr Nadeem Lehrasab
Graduate Students:
  • Ammar Saleem
  • Ahnaf Lodhi
PhD Students:
  • Bilal Malik
MS Thesis (Completed):
  • “To Design, develop and simulate a complete autopilot system for a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), including Lateral and Longitudinal Controllers and Navigation System” by Mansoor Ahsan

  • “Adaptive Control of a Quadcopter” by Imran Rashid

  • “Prediction of Limit Cycles of a Wing Section” by Qasim Ali

  • “Nonlinear Inverse Adaptive Control” by Hammad Munawar

  • “Design of flight control system for experimental glide vehicle with all moving inverted v tail fins” by Imran Amir

  • “Development of Dynamic Pressure Characterization Setup for MEMS pressure sensor” by Ammar Saleem

  • Design of nonlinear control system for experimental glide vehicle with inverted V-tail by Ahnaf Hanan Lodhi

Research Publications:
  • S. M. C. Vieira, P. Beecher, I. Haneef, F. Udrea, W. I. Milne, M. A. G. Namboothiry, D. L. Carroll, J. Park and S. Maeng. Use of Nanocomposites to Increase Electrical Gain in Chemical Sensors, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 91, 203111, 2007. (2007 Impact Factor: 3.596)

  • M. Boutchich, T. J. Mamtora, G. J. McShane, I. Haneef, D. F. Moore and J. A. Williams, Force Measurements on U-Shaped Electro Thermal Micro-Actuators: Applications to Packaging, IMechE Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Vol. 222, No.1, pp. 87-96, 2008. (2008 Impact Factor: 0.317)

  • M. S. Haque, K. B. K. Teo, N. L. Rupensinghe, S. Z. Ali, I. Haneef, S. Maeng, J. Park, F. Udrea and W. I. Milne, On Chip Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes Using CMOS Microhotplates, Nanotechnology, Vol. 19, 025607 (5 pp), 2008. (2008 Impact Factor: 3.446)

  • H. Zhou, A. Colli, A. Ahnood, Y. Yang, N. Rupesinghe, T. Butler, I. Haneef, P. Hiralal, A. Nathan and G. A. J. Amaratunga, Arrays of Parallel Connected Coaxial Multiwall-Carbon-Nanotube-Amorphous-Silicon Solar Cells, Advanced Materials, Vol. 21, Issue 38-39, pp. 3919-3923, 2009. (2009 Impact Factor: 8.379))

  • F. Udrea, S. Santra, P. K. Guha, S. Z. Ali and I. Haneef, Ultra-high Temperature (>300 deg C) Suspended Thermo-diode in SOI CMOS Technology, Microelectronics Journal, (2009), doi:10.1016/j.mejo.2009.12.005 (Available online) (2009 Impact Factor: 0.778)

  • R. H. Hopper, I. Haneef, S. Z. Ali, F. Udrea and C. H. Oxley, Use of Carbon Micro-particles for Improved IR Temperature Measurement of CMOS MEMS Devices, Measurement Science & Technology,, Vol. 21, Issue 4, 045107 (6 pp), 2010 (2009 Impact Factor: 1.317)

  • S. Santra, P. K. Guha, S. Z. Ali, I. Haneef, and F. Udrea, Silicon on Insulator CMOS Diode Temperature Sensor – A Detailed Analysis for Ultra High Temperature Operation, IEEE Sensors Journal. Vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 997-1003, 2010 (2009 Impact Factor: 1.581)

  • Santra, S., P. K. Guha, S. Z. Ali, I. Haneef and F. Udrea. "Silicon on Insulator Diode Temperature Sensor - a Detailed Analysis for Ultra-High Temperature Operation." IEEE Sensors Journal 10, no. 5 (2010): 997-1003.

  • Santra, S., F. Udrea, P. K. Guha, S. Z. Ali and I. Haneef. "Ultra-High Temperature (>300 °C) Suspended Thermodiode in Soi Cmos Technology." Microelectronics Journal 41, no. 9 (2010): 540-546.

  • Hopper, R. H., I. Haneef, S. Z. Ali, F. Udrea and C. H. Oxley. "Use of Carbon Micro-Particles for Improved Infrared Temperature Measurement of Cmos Mems Devices." Measurement Science and Technology 21, no. 4 (2010).

  • Hopper, R. H., I. Haneef, S. Z. Ali, F. Udrea and C. H. Oxley. "Improved Infrared Thermal Imaging of a Cmos Mems Device." 122-126. Barcelona, 2010.

  • Ahsan, M., K. Shafique, A. B. Mansoor and M. Mushtaq. "Performance Comparison of Two Altitude-Control Algorithms for a Fixed-Wing Uav." Karachi, 2013.

  • Arif, J. and S. Akhtar. "Discrete Time Lyapunov Stable Staggered Estimator Mimo Adaptive Interference Cancelation with Experimental Verification." 4773-4778. Seattle, WA, 2008

  • Askri, H., R. Samar and S. Akhtar. "Aircraft True Heading Estimation with Low-Cost Gps/Ins and Aerial Images." 58-63. Xiamen, 2010

  • Evans, S., J. Coull, I. Haneef and H. Hodson. "Minimizing the Loss Produced by a Turbulent Separation Using Vortex Generator Jets." AIAA Journal 50, no. 4 (2012): 778-787

  • S. Z. Ali, P. Komarov, F. Udrea and P. E. Raad. "Thermal Characterization of Soi Cmos Micro Hot-Plate Gas Sensors." 101-104. Barcelona, 2010.

  • Hanif, A., M. H. Yousaf, A. Fazil and S. Akhtar. "Inflight Helicopter Blade Track Measurement Using Computer Vision." In IEEE TENSYMP 2014 - 2014 IEEE Region 10 Symposium, 56-61, 2014.

  • Rashid, M. I. and S. Akhtar. "Adaptive Control of a Quadrotor with Unknown Model Parameters." 8-14. Islamabad, 2012.

Information Security Group


We perform research and education on methods and tools for the analysis and construction of safe and secure systems. This includes methods for specifying systems, developing systems in correctness-preserving ways, and verifying or testing existing systems and infrastructures.

Our objective is to construct and implement security-critical systems and develop better processes for their construction whereby we can make mathematically precise statements about their behavior. We build on foundations in mathematical logic, discrete mathematics and cryptography, algorithms, complexity theory, and probability theory.

Research Topics:

Following are the research topics:

  • Cryptographic Protocol Analysis

  • Modeling and Analyzing Dynamic Access Control Systems

  • Network Security

  • Data Security

  • Security protocols (models, properties, and verification),

  • Electronic voting

  • e-cash

  • Service composition

  • Device identification

  • Privacy & smartphones

  • e-health

  • Cyber Security and Incident Response

  • Malware Analysis and reverse Engineering

  • Digital Forensics and Cloud Security

Research Labs:
  • Communication Security & Embedded Systems Lab
Research Labs:
  • Dr Liaqat Ali Khan

  • Dr Muhammad Ashraf

  • Dr Mansoor Ahmed Khan

  • Dr Riaz Sial

  • Dr Zeeshan Bilal

  • Dr Ammar Masood

Graduate Students:
  • Balawal Shabeer

  • Mouazama Batool

  • Waqas Tahir

  • Ahmed Iqbal

  • Maryam Zaman

  • Maria Imdad

  • Rizwan Aamir

  • Muhammad Adnan Farooq

MS Thesis:
  • Security issues in hybrid cloud computing by Maria Imdad

  • RSSI based Sybil attack detection scheme in WANETs by Muhammad Adnan Farooq

  • A new ultra lightweight mutual authentication protocol for low cost RFID systems by Rizwan Aamir

  • Access control in cloud computing by Maryam Zaman

  • "End to End secure Communication over GSM" by Mouazama Batool

  • "A Light Weight Android Based Application For End To End Sms And Key Agreement Security" by Balawal Shabir

Research Publications:
  • Ahmed, U., A. Masood and L. A. Khan. "Quantifying the Role of Access Control in End-to-End Network Security." Budapest, 2011.

  • Khan, M. A. and A. Hasan. "Pseudo Random Number Based Authentication to Counter Denial of Service Attacks on 802.11." Surabaya, 2008.

  • Masood, A., A. Ghafoor and A. P. Mathur. "Fault Coverage of Constrained Random Test Selection for Access Control: A Formal Analysis." Journal of Systems and Software 83, no. 12 (2010): 2607-2617.

  • Masood, M., A. Ghafoor and A. Mathur. "Conformance Testing of Temporal Role-Based Access Control Systems." IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 7, no. 2 (2010): 144-158.

  • Khan, M. A., A. R. Cheema and A. Hasan. "Improved Nonce Construction Scheme for Aes Ccmp to Evade Initial Counter Prediction." 307-311. Phuket, 2008.

  • Khan, M. A. and A. Hasan. "Pseudo Random Number Based Authentication to Counter Denial of Service Attacks on 802.11." Surabaya, 2008.

Signal Processing and Embedded Systems Group:


Research is going on in the following core areas:

  • Image Processing

  • Embedded Systems

  • Adaptive Signal Processing

Research Topics:

Following are the research topics:

  • Sensor Fusion

  • 3D Audio

  • Array Signal Processing

  • Statistical Signal Processing

  • Sensor Fusion

  • FPGA based design

  • Internet of things

  • Signal Detection and Classification

  • Parameter Estimation and Signal Reconstruction

  • Image Processing

  • Video Processing

  • Audio Processing

  • Acoustic Imaging

  • Avionics Systems Integration

  • Radar Signal Processing

  • Processor Design

Research Labs:
  • Avionics Integration Lab

  • Electro Optics Lab

  • Aerospace Sensors & Systems Lab

  • Communication Security & Embedded Systems Lab

  • Dr Israr Hussain

  • Dr Tauseef ur Rehman

  • Dr Muhammad Adnan

  • Dr Nadeem Lehrasab

  • Dr Jehanzeb Burki

  • Dr Atif bin Mansoor

Graduate Students:
  • Rameez Wajid

  • Furqan Sadiq

  • Abdul Basit

  • Umair Ahmed

  • Adnan Haneef

  • Usman Iqbal

  • Touseef Ali

  • Abdul Sammad

  • Atif Shahzad

  • Imran Aziz

MS Thesis (Completed):
  • Acoustic Array Processing by Ghulam Nabi Abassi

  • Automatic prediction of perceptual image quality by Rameez Wajid

  • An Adaptive loudness management strategy for military application by Adnan Yousaf

  • Multi-channel digital beam-forming using FPGA based digital down conversion by Abdul Basit

Research Publications:
  • Wajid, R., A. Bin Mansoor and M. Pedersen. "A Study of Human Perception Similarity for Image Quality Assessment." Gjovik, 2013.

  • Wajid, R. and A. B. Mansoor. "Classifier Performance Evaluation for Offline Signature Verification Using Local Binary Patterns." 250-254. Paris, 2013.

Microwave and Radar Group:


Research is going on in the following areas:

  • Microwave devices

  • Radar and Electronic Warfare

The department develops and analyzes innovative techniques for future EW systems and radar remote sensing systems and applications. The research areas cover a wide spectrum, including the investigation of new SAR imaging modes based on digital beamforming and multi-aperture signal processing, the analysis of bistatic and multistatic Radars, AESAR etc.

Research Topics:
  • Metamaterials

  • Microwave & Millimeter-wave Circuit Design

  • Wave Propagation in Bi-Isotropic Media

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

  • Active electronically Scanned Phased Array Radar (AESAR)

  • Bistatic and Monostatic Radars

  • Pulse Integration Techniques

  • Wave Propagation in Complex Fractal Media

  • Advance Antenna Design

  • Frequency Selective Surfaces

  • Electronic Warfare

Research Labs:
  • Avionics Integration Lab

  • Electro Optics Lab

  • ECM & Radar Lab

  • Dr Jehanzeb Burki

  • Dr Ali Javed Hashmi

  • Dr Shahzad Arshad

  • Dr Usman Riaz

  • Dr Sohail Ahmed

Graduate Students:
  • Sher Afghan

  • Ahsan Faheem

  • Khurram Mehmood

  • Umair Raza

MS Thesis (Completed):
  • Design, implementation and testing of PLL based Frequency Synthesizers at X-Band by Zahid Yaqoob Malik

  • Design and Implementation of Mismatch Filter for Radar Pulse Compression by Tanveer Shrafat

  • Combatting Jamming in a Frequency Hopped System Through Interleaving by Junaid Hafeez

  • Follow on Receiver by Muhammad Rashid Mahmood

  • Radar Signal Processing Designing of a Radar Scan Converter by Muhammad Fahad Mirza

  • Target Tracking using Gaussian Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density (GMPHD) Filter by Waqas Aftab Malik

  • Analysis of Pulse Integration and CFAR techniques in the presence of Pulse Jamming by Umair Raza

  • Analysis of Information theoretic approach to waveform optimization in cognitive radar by Syed Khurram Mehmud

  • Analytical study of dynamic waveform selection for target tracking by Noor ul Ain