The BBA Program is a 48-month full-time program. The program aims to fulfill staffing needs of firms in areas like finance, marketing and human resource management. We will also use case study method as teaching methodology. This Program also prepares the students for admission in graduate programs like MBA and MS.

BBA at a Glance


Cr. Hrs.

Core (40 courses) 118
Electives(4 courses) 12
Internship Compulsory but Non-Credit
BBA Final Year Project/Thesis 03
Total 133

Fact File

  • Duration
  • Number of Semesters
  • Class Timings
04 years
Flexible hours
8:30 A.M to 4:30 PM

Semester Plan

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
  • Financial Accounting-I

  • Principles of Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Introduction to Computer Applications

  • Pakistan Studies & Global Perspective

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Financial Accounting-II

  • Microeconomics

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Skillful Reading & Writing

  • Business Mathematics

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Business Finance

  • Macroeconomics

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Management Information System

  • Business Communication-I

  • Business Statistics
  • Business Communication-II

  • Financial Management

  • Islamic Studies and Ethics

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Logic & Critical Thinking

  • Self-Development

Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
  • Managerial Accounting and Cost Control

  • Operations Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Human Resource Management

  • Financial Institutions & Markets

  • Business Ethics
  • Marketing Management

  • Tax Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Law

  • Statistical Inference
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Research Methods

  • Elective I

  • Elective II

  • Business Policy and Strategic Management

  • International Business Management

  • Final Year Project/Thesis

  • Elective III

  • Elective IV

Elective Courses

Finance Marketing Human Resource Management Project Management
  • International Finance

  • Investment and Portfolio Management

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Islamic Finance

  • Analysis of Financial Statements

  • Financial Derivatives - Theory and Practice

  • Strategic Financial Management

  • Investments

  • Corporate Governance

  • Micro Finance and SMEs

  • Rural Finance

  • Financial Modelling

  • Stock Market & Trading

  • Fintech. And Blockchain Technology

  • Retail Marketing

  • Advertising and Event Management

  • International Marketing

  • New Product development

  • Brand Management

  • Personal Selling

  • Marketing Research

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Salesforce Management

  • Design Thinking & Product Development

  • Performance and Compensation Management

  • Conflict and Negotiation Management

  • Organizational Design and Restructuring

  • Industrial Relations and Negotiations

  • Corporate Diplomacy

  • Change Management

  • Performance and Career Counseling

  • Motivation and Leadership

  • Personnel Psychology

  • Workforce Diversity

  • Occupational Health and safety management

  • HR Analytics
  • Topics in Project Management

  • Project Management Information System

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Contract and Procurement

  • Agile Project Management

  • Product Design and Development

  • Stakeholder and Team Development

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Project Risk and Quality Management

  • Engineering Management

Final Project

The project provides real-world business consulting experience

Student teams visit firms to understand their operations and issues under supervision of faculty member.

Project provides opportunity to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in a real-world setting

Summer Internship

Eight-week internship during summer vacations

Opportunity to understand the corporate environment

Eligibility Criteria

-Minimum 50% marks in F.A/ F.S.C., A-Levels or Equivalent

-Admission Test and Interview

Scholarships and Financial Aid

AIR University School of Management (AUSOM) offers the following schemes to assist the needy and talented students:-

AU need based financial grant

Through this scheme AU funds, in each semester, needy students who face the financial constraints ranging from 25 to 50% of tuition fee discount.

AU advance merit scholarship

Through this scheme, AU grants admission to talented students at the undergraduate level who have secured ≥90% marks in Intermediate/Eqv from any education board/system by waiving of 100% tuition fee on successful completion of the first semester.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project (EUSP)

This federal govt project funds needy students.

Punjab Education Endowment Fund Scheme (PEEF)

This scheme offers AU students to avail 50% of Tuition Fee discount in each semester through PEEF as per the laid down criteria set by the Punjab Govt to sponsor the higher education of deserving students

PM tuition fee reimbursement scheme

Through this scheme, students hailing from the less developed areas of Pakistan (Selected areas) can avail the of funding opportunities at the Graduate and Postgraduate level

HEC Need-Based-Scholarships


Punjab Education Endowment Scholarships