Innovation and Commercialization

In order to link the research and commercialization from University with emerging and existing firms across Pakistan and around the world, AUORIC has successfully collaborated and signed MOUs with a number of local and international organizations.

Business Incubator Center

Air University Business Incubation Center (AUBIC) under AUORIC department is shortly being launched.

It will not only offer a venue for the pioneering ideas of our students, faculty and Alumni but also facilitate the incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by providing them with physical, technical and networking support and services. Its main goal will be to produce successful firms that will leave the program financially sustainable and freestanding.

The Incubatees will be provided workstations, meeting room, conference room, hall for seminars etc. and other hassle-free general amenities including:

  • -Dedicated Wi-Fi access
  • -Access to dry and wet labs of AU
  • -Networking Services/ Printing/Photocopying Machines
  • -Workshops/ Seminars/ Lectures for AU students
  • -Supervision & Monitoring of FYPs / Entrepreneurs
  • -Access to the Investors
  • -Mail Boxes -central mail room for collecting and distributing mail to the Incubatees

  1. Patents Awarded & Filed 2015-22

    AU Patents Awarded

    Sr # Faculty Name Department Patent Title Organization Year
    1 Dr.Ibraheem Haneef Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Shear Sress Sensors. University of Cambridge,Uk 2015
    2 Dr.Ibraheem Haneef Sqn Ldr Mohtashim Mansoor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Method and Devices to measure fluidic parameters in gaseous flows USPTO USA 2017
    3 Dr.Jehanzeb Masud Sqn Ldr Muddasir Ahmed Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Novel Design of an Effervescent Atomizer with Gas Injection at Reduced Pressures. USPTO USA 2017
    4 Dr.Ghulam Ali Virology (Director Multan Campus) Novel spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus genotype and use thereof in controlling spodoptera litura. IPO Pakistan 2021

    AU Patents Submitted

    1 Dr.Mehr Nigar Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design and fabrication of solid waste plastic to liquid fuel plant IPO Pakistan 2018
    2 M.Hamza Khan Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Electric wheel assembly of different speed. IPO Pakistan 2018
    3 Dr.Sheikh Rehman Sheikh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistive smart home environment using head gestures and EEG eye blink control blink control schemes(ASHHE). IPO Pakistan 2018
    4 Dr.Sheikh Rehman Sheikh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Portable off-grid solar powered compact incubator. IPO Pakistan 2018
    5 Ms.Anum Zaidi Physics Modified hall effect apparatus using data acquisition techniques. IPO Pakistan 2019
    6 Dr. Noman Naseer Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering Design of lower limb exoskeleton to assist elderly people stand and walk IPO Pakistan 2022