Applied Research

After the establishment of Air University in 2002 till the end of 2012, university’s main focus remained on the Undergraduate Programs contrariwise, minimum emphasis was placed on the ‘Applied Research’. However, once the ORIC department was established and became fully functional by mid-2013; the AUORIC team ardently strived to improve the research activities. Ever since AUORIC is enthusiastically following its mandate to stimulate its research culture by acting as a bridge amid faculty and local & foreign funding agencies by ensuring that researchers avail those research grants. Henceforth, with continuous efforts of AUORIC Team, a gradual increasing trend was observed in the number of Research Projects by the end of 2019.

  • Sponsored/ Funded Projects
    As a research-intensive university; the office aims to marshal the Research & Development and innovation which are central to the sustainable economic growth of Pakistan primarily by identifying the funding opportunities. All the projects undertaken from 2011 onwards were mostly sponsored by the funding agencies such as HEC-TDF, HEC-NRPU, HEC-SRGP, PAF, PAC Kamra, NESCOM, IGNITE, International (UNICEF), US Embassy, USDA, NSF, US Science Foundation, UK,CANADA Embassies and more.

  • Research Projects’ Management
    The mechanism for the research projects management is broadly classified as follows:

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    1. Identification of Funding Opportunities
    2. Application Review and internal Approvals
    3. Proposal Submission to Sponsor
    4. Post-Award Management/Financial Management
    5. Grant Closing/Audit/IP Rights/ Patent Filing
    6. Product Commercialization
    7. Linkages with industries