Library Circulation Policy (Library Handbook)

Reference Shelf

Library Service Hours

Monday through Saturday ---------------------- 08:30 am to 9:00 pm


Members is provided to:

  • -Faculty (including visiting)
  • -Students
  • -Administrative Staff/University employees
  • -Paid Member
  • -Members of Board of Governors

University ID card will be used as library membership card and is needed for borrowing material and entry. Members are fully responsible for all material on loan. Change of contact information (address and telephone number) must be reported to the librarian immediately. Membership is non-transferable.

Loan Privilege for Books

Following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each:

Teaching faculty members -------------------------- 8 books for 30 days

All others----------------------------------------- 4 books for 14 days

Loan privilege for Serials & Newspapers

Teaching faculty members--------------------------------- 3 for 7 days

All others----------------------------------------------- 2 for 3 days

Terms of Loan

Information material of the following nature shall not be issued but consulted in the library:

  • -Works marked REFERENCE/RESERVED such as books encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.
  • -Current issues of periodicals and newspapers
  • -Unprocessed/under process material
  • -Theses, student's project/ research reports, pamphlets
  • -Non-printed material other than received as allied material
  • -Works other than mentioned above may be issued on recommendation of Dean/Chair Department in temporarily loan category (i.e. for 2/3 hours)


  • -Loan may be got renewed for further thirty/fourteen days provided no other user has reserved it.
  • -Overdue material will not be reissued.
  • -If borrowed material is urgently required in the library, it may be called back.
  • -Librarian may withhold/ restrict circulation of any material.
  • -Books currently cannot be reissued on telephone/ by email.


Overdue Fines

  • -Books and other information borrowed from AUCL must be returned within the due date mentioned on due date slip.
  • -Items not returned within due date will be fined as follow:

Regular loan: Rs10 per day

Temporary loan: Rs 20 per day (infringement will lead to stoppage in future of such loans) per day

If a fine exceeds Rs 3000 membership may be curtailed until the payment of the fine. The Vice Chancellor has the discretion to waive off any portion of the fine.

Overdue Fines

  • -If borrowed material is damaged or destroyed, the borrower will be asked to deposit a replacement or fine which may be up to three times of the actual cost of the material.
  • -In case an item or book which is a part of the set lost or damaged, the borrower will make the payment of the whole set.
  • -Any borrowed material not returned within30 daysof the due date will be considered lost.


  • -Volume of conversation must be kept very low inside the library.
  • -Personal belongings are to be left at the library entrance.
  • -Members may be asked to submit any possession for inspection.
  • -In case any personal reading material has to be taken inside the library, permission must be obtained from library staff.
  • -All reading material issued to members shall be shown to the attendant at the exit.
  • -Use of mobile phones and music system in not permitted.
  • -Damaging material in any way is strictly prohibited, and will be fined.
  • -Eating, sleeping and smoking is prohibited.
  • -Members shall make their own arrangements for carrying books, etc., to and from the library.
  • -The librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library resources or facilities.
  • -The library shall not receive any telephone call or mail message on behalf of any member.
  • -Students shall not be allowed to use library telephone.
  • -Members are responsible for timely return of borrowed material to the library.
  • -Library material already checked out by some other member can be reserved. On receiving the material library will inform the requester for collecting it. If not collected within two days, reservation will be cancelled.
  • -Reference material may be photocopied, where copyright rules permit, on payment.