Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Graduates of the Mechatronics Engineering program will be able to :

  1. Engineering Knowledge

    Acquire and apply the knowledge of mechatronics engineering to engineering activities including proficiency in mechanical design, materials, manufacturing processes and automation.

  2. Problem Analysis

    Identify, formulate and analyze complex mechatronics engineering problems that require application of fundamental principles.

  3. Design / Development of Solutions

    Design systems, components or processes for broadly defined mechatronics engineering problems.

  4. Investigation

    Investigate complex mechatronics engineering problems using research based knowledge and methods to produce conclusive results.

  5. Modern Tool Usage

    Apply conventional or modern engineering/computational tools for solution of mechatronics engineering problems.

  6. The Engineer and Society

    Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of engineering solutions in the overall perspective of society.

  7. Environment and Sustainability

    Identify the impact of mechatronics engineering solutions on environment and demonstrate the need for sustainable development.

  8. Ethics

    Understand and be committed to fulfill professional and ethical responsibilities With full integrity.

  9. Individual and Teamwork

    Demonstrate an ability to function effectively as an individual or member/leader of a technical team.

  10. Communication

    Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, on mechatronics engineering activities and to identify and use appropriate technical literature.

  11. Project Management

    Demonstrate effective project and financial management skills in various tasks.

  12. Lifelong Learning

    Demonstrate a commitment to quality and continuous professional development.