Visit Air University

Direction to Air University


The campus is located near the Margalla foothills in the south east corner of sector E-9 (PAF Complex) of Islamabad. The main entrance is adjacent to the intersection of Agha Shahi Avenue (9th Avenue) and Khayaban-e-Iqbal (Margalla Road).

From Motorway and G. T. Road (N-5)

Take Kashmir Highway (eastbound) to 9th Avenue/Agha Shahi Avenue and turn left here until you reach Shaheen Chowk (see above).

From Islamabad International Airport/Islamabad Highway

From the airport drive on the Islamabad Highway towards Faisal Mosque. At the intersection with Margalla Road/Khaban e Iqbal turn left to Shaheen Chowk (Intersection of 9th Ave. & Margalla Road). See above.

From Murree

From Murree Road, take Kashmir Highway (westbound) to 9th Ave. Make a right turn at 9th Avenue (Northbound) from Kashmir Highway. Take 9th Avenue to Shaheen Chowk (Intersection of 9th Ave. & Margalla Road).


Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is located in the Potohar Plateau in the north west of the country. The city was built during the sixties to replace Karachi as Pakistan’s capital. Rawalpindi is considered its sister city because of the proximity of the two cities. Islamabad is a well-organized, modern city built round a master plan of self contained sectors, each with its own shopping areas and parks. It is home to the Federal Parliament, Supreme Court, President’s Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Federal Ministries and corporate offices of all major public, private, national and multinational organizations.


The young city of Islamabad is preceded by thousands of years of history. This is the site of one of the earliest human settlements in Asia, and is at one end of the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Stone implements made near Islamabad on a mass scale were once sent down to the lower reaches of the River Indus. This is probably where the early migrations from Central Asia of Indo-European tribes made their first settlements. The large number of languages still spoken in the Northern Areas is evidence of the different races that passed through the region, races as disparate as Alexander’s Macedonians and Tamurlane’s Central Asians. The banks of the river Soan in Islamabad were hosts to stone-age man over seven thousand years ago, and human skulls dating back to 5,000 years B.C. have been found in and around this city.