The Case Method

Case-method of teaching is one of the most effective tools of teaching in business education today. Internationally most of the top business schools the case-method. In Pakistan, after LUMS and KSBL, Air University School of Management (AUSOM) will be the third school to primarily use case-method for imparting business education.

The term 'case' refers to a written/printed description of a real business situation faced by business organizations and managers. A case involves an issue that is to be resolved, a problem that has to be solved and a decision that has to be made. Most case studies expose students to real business situation with names of the organizations, personnel, facts and data fully revealed to students.

To solve a case the student acts as a real decision maker who has to diagnose a problem, assess the opportunities and threats, screen the internal and external environments, evaluate various courses of actions and finally recommend a plan of action. Though the students do not actually implement the plan still they go through the same process as managers go in real business life situations to devise a plan.

In real business life, managers encounter number of problems like; lack of information and data on which to base decisions, the little time available to make a decision, uncertainty about factors external to business and lack of opportunity to reduce such uncertainties. Case-method of teaching makes the students face similar problems because the case, intentionally, offers incomplete information and involves uncertainties that business managers actually faces. On the whole, the student simulates decision-making that characterizes real business life.

Thus the case study method is about learning by doing, rather than by just listening. Under this method the classes are not devoted to mere lectures rather these involve analysis through discussion that develops problem solving and decision making skills in students. While solving a case, all students are expected to interact with one another and with the Professor to work out a solution of the problem being faced. Here the students’ role is of a contributor and the professor is much more than just a lecturer – he or she has to probe, question and add to discussion thus guiding them viable solution.

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