Pathology is a bridging discipline between basic sciences and clinical medicine. A good liaison between clinicians and pathologists is very helpful in diagnosing and treating different diseases. Pathology is the study of disease, etiology, signs and symptoms and diagnosis. It is comprised of four basic disciplines histopathology, hematology, Chemical Pathology and Microbiology

The Department of Pathology is fully equipped with all required resources essential for teaching and learning of the undergraduate medical students. The facilities include spacious laboratories, a museum and tutorial rooms. Laboratory equipment is of world standard to cater for all practical work that is required for teaching integrated curriculum.

A large number of investigations both specialized and routine in all disciplines are carried out in the hospital for patient care as well as for research purposes. All lab results are quality assured. IBTA approved blood bank is providing services round the clock to the community.

Deptartment of Pathology

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