Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • PEO 1: Fundamental Computing Knowledge: Applying principles and practices of information technology to identify, implement, and enable effective technologies and apply fundamental computing knowledge to solve information technology problems.

  • PEO 2: Technological Skills: Proficient in designing, implementing, maintaining, and managing cost-effective information technology infrastructure by applying attained computing skills.

  • PEO 3: Ethical and Societal Responsibilities: Contributing positively to society through responsible behavior, ethical conduct within the computing profession and have a keen sense of social responsibility.

  • PEO 4: Communication and Leadership Skills: Having effective verbal and written communication skills required in the computing profession, as a team player or a leader.

  • PEO 5: Continuous Improvement: Exploring new horizons in computing, and engaging in lifelong learning, professional development and pursue an advanced degree if desired.