• Ranking provide complete picture to stakeholders like researchers, students, business community, parents, industry etc. to compare institutions according to different parameters of their need, such as Quality & Research etc. For the development and progress of any country, quality of higher education is the key factor. HEIs are considered to be the originators of change and progress of the nations.

  • In order to strengthen the quality of higher education in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken various initiatives to bring the HEIs of Pakistan at par with international standards. Ranking is one of the measures to scale the success of efforts of the HEIs to achieve the international competitiveness in education, research and innovation.

  • Rankings are a debatable subject all over the world, In spite of the difficulties associated in ranking. This is the 5th ranking of Pakistani Universities being announced by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Last four rankings for the year were announced in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2015.



Adoption/Implementation of HEC eligibility criteria for appointments of faculty members


Adoption/Implementation of HEC criteria of M.Phil/MS Programs

Adoption/Implementation of HEC criteria of PhD programs

Adoption/Implementation of HEC plagiarism policy compliance

Rating of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) of the HEIs

Number of International awards won by students

Affiliation of programs with HEC recognized accreditation councils/bodies (Business, Agriculture, Computing, PMDC, Engineering-PEC, etc)

Ranking of HEIs in latest international rankings


Teaching Quality

Ratio of full time faculty to total faculty


Ratio of Full time PhD faculty to full time total faculty

Full time teacher student ratio

Selectivity: enrollment ratio (fresh intake) to total applicants

Number of trainings of full time faculty members (3 years data)

Ratio of their faculty having terminal degrees from other institutions over total full time faculty members

Number of national awards won by full time faculty members per total full time faculty

Number of international awards won by full time faculty members per total full time faculty

Ratio of fresh PhD faculty over total fresh recruitment of faculty (03 years data)



Number of registered Patents/Varieties/Technologies/Breeds and Creative Work at national level per full time faculty 1 (C)


Number of registered Patents/Varieties/Technologies/Breeds and Creative Work at international level per full time faculty

Commercialization of registered Patents/Varieties/Technologies/Breeds and Creative Work

Number of university industrial linkages through (ORICs)

Ratio of active PhD students to total active enrolled students

Amount of external research grants won/obtained by HEIs (grant>=0.6 million) (approved during 2013-14 year) 4 (C)7 Number of travel grants won for presentat

Total number of papers published in impact factor journals (ISI web of sciences) and HEC recognized journals (X & Y category journals) by the HEIs (2013)

Publications in ISI impact factor Journals[2014] per full time faculty

Citations per paper for total number of ISI impact factor papers (05 years)

University H Index

Number of W category Journals Published by the HEIs (Science and Social Science Journals)

Number of X category Journals Published by the HEIs (Science and Social Science Journals)

Internet bandwidth utilization

Digital Library utilization

Number of international conferences/symposia/workshop/seminar organized (at least 5 International participants traveling from abroad specifically for the conference) by the HEI.

Number of national professional conferences/symposia/workshop/seminar organized by the HEI.

Total PhD output during year 2014


Finance & Facilities

Ratio non-salary expenditure to total budget


Amount generated through own resources

Amount spent on research/library as %age of the total budget

Computers per student

Computers per full time faculty

Number of books in library per student excluding e-library/digital library books

Number of Students receiving external scholarships per total number of students?

Number of community outreach programs, civil engagements and community services by the HEIs


Social Integration / Community Development

Number of international collaboration/exchange program (outbound/inbound student & faculty (at least 15 days for faculty & one month for students))


Number of enrolled foreign students per total number of students

Number of foreign faculty per total faculty


Total Marks



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