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I am looking forward to extend you a very warm welcome at the Air University School of Management-AUSOM. The AUSOM team strongly feels that to produce graduates who can compete in the region and beyond, the conduct of business education in Pakistan should be aligned with best practices of the world class business schools. Accordingly we have decided that from September 2017, AUSOM will primarily use case method of teaching. To ensure that our accomplished is fully abreast of the demands of the case method of teaching we have contracted trainers from the best of business schools in the region, to train AUSOM’s faculty in the essentials of the case method of teaching. The training is currently underway. I hope you will thoroughly enjoy our new method of teaching which is highly participative, exposes you to real life situations, encourages critical thinking and facilitates; diagnosing the problem at hand, finding a solution and devising an implementation strategy for the issues that you will face while at work. If you are ready to work extremely hard, then I am confident you will gain a lot at AUSOM which will serve you well, whether you want to be in the high-end job or market or aim to become an entrepreneur yourself. While at AUSOM you will be interacting, over a cup of tea, with eminent personalities, including key business leaders, who are invited regularly to deliver guest lectures and talk to the students. On behalf of AUSOM, I invite you to become a part of the ‘AUSOM family’.

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