The Student Affairs Department is headed by Director Student Affairs, who works through a Proctor, Assistant Proctor (female) and an Office Assistant. The department is responsible to ensure implementation of the general code of conduct i.e. dress code, discipline and behavioral standards etc. In administration and supporting role, the department facilitates students in organizing various inter/intra/extracurricular activities/events like Welcome/Farewell parties, Students week, declamation contest, funfairs, seminars, variety programs, national day’s celebrations, educational/recreational visits and expeditions etc. The department processes the requests received from individuals, departments and AU societies/clubs for holding various indoor/outdoor activities through Event Management Form (available at AU website). The department also provides necessary guidance for seeking financial, administrative and logistics support to the Students/organizing bodies for holding an event. The department renders assistance in resolving different issues amongst the students through counseling and other corrective measures as deemed appropriate, meeting parents if required, besides giving them adequate guidance.