The aim of education an all-round development of a personality. It cannot afford to neglect the physical aspect of a student. Development of mind and body are equally important in any good education. The importance given to sports by the developed countries is no less than education. Healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. For a healthy body physical exercise is a must without which our body will grow weak, lethargic and dull. AU has planned systematically for the development of Sports and physical fitness, which has paid the advantages. In the past, sports are considered an integral part of physical fitness and mental training in AU. These activities have a profound effect on the physical fitness and mental health of the students, which has ultimately enhanced their capabilities and efficiency. In this regard AU Sports Department has been very active and has provided full encouragement and a conducive environment to the sports and physical activities right from the beginning. The Sports Department of Air university is well equipped with sports gears for training of Intervarsity sports events. AU has a team of qualified and dedicated sports staff who is highly experienced with the methods of systematic sports and physical training. Air University teams mostly participate in Annual Intervarsity sports events organized by the Higher education Commission. AU Sports Department also organizes Inter-departmental tournaments of different games throughout the academic year. Celebration of Students’ Week every year in the month of March is another major event in which competitions of almost all games are arranged by the Sports Department.