Salient Features of Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies maintains Air University's policies for postgraduate programs in addition to information and guidelines on Standard Operating Procedures, thesis templates and checklists. It is a valuable resource to all students enrolled in Masters and doctoral programs to facilitate in ensuring timelines and university requirements. You are invited to learn more and visit the webpages of the Office of Graduate Studies as well as of various different departments at AU.

For prospective students, enrolled in PhD and MS programs, this page links you with Air University’s graduate programs and research in progress by faculty members and PhD scholars as well as MS students. In case a research topic interests you, it is best that you go to the department link where individual faculty member pages will give you more detail. A PhD is all about finding the supervisor that matches your interests, so as a first step, you could go into the department pages and establish contact.

The Office of Graduate Studies welcomes you to a graduate program at Air University where we have a conducive environment for higher studies, an elaborate information resource infrastructure as well as a beautiful green campus in the picturesque capital city of Islamabad.