Events And Information For HUM Alumni

a. Invitation in Workshop/Seminars/Conferences/ University activities

Alumni members are invited to various seminars, workshops, and conferences as participants, presenters and resource persons. This helps in maintaining close ties with university and provides them with an opportunity to share and communicate their interests, beliefs, knowledge etc

b. Get involved in Research

The members of alumni association are encouraged to publish their research work. In this respect they will be guided and provided with information about relevant journals, websites etc

c. Alumni Reunions/Annual Dinner/ Formal /Informal Meetings

Hum Alumni meetings are held monthly that can provide opportunities to be active in various workshops, seminars, cultural activities etc. Furthermore, an annual dinner of alumni is arranged which can be a focal point to meet each other in university and share achievements, sense of belonging, future planning etc.

d. Updated information on Webpage

Updates and relevant information is frequently provided on the university website to help everyone get connected to on-going activities at the university.