Achievements Of HUM Alumni

Participation in International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (ICSSH 2015)

One of our HUM Alumna, Ms Nailah Riaz, faculty member and PhD scholar, presented her research paper “Riaz Hassan’s *Plea: A Pakistani Researcher’s Perspective” in International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Colombo, Srilanka on 17 & 18 March 2015. Ms Riaz emphasized the need to take pride in the Pakistani English linguistic identity, shaped by its cultural reality. She thinks the contributions of the nonnative language users using a specific variety of English language could remain marginalized in the field of research unless the trend changes.

Two of our HUM Alumnus Mr. Akhtar Abbas and Mr Saadat Usmani, MPhil Linguistics & Literature scholars of AU represented Pakistan in “International Conference on Languages 2013 (ICL 2013)” organized in the wondrous land of Phuket, Thailand. This scholarly happening was themed around the notion of achieving ‘Solidarity through Languages’. They brought a Language Policy Model to the forefront. This model was thoroughly appreciated for its practical recommendations that could prove to be vital in reinventing a country’s language policy. This three-day event was held from November 15-17, 2013 and the Pakistani representative’s entire scholarly trip was sponsored by HEC, Pakistan. Such applause speaks of the exceptional research work being carried out by the Pakistani Scholars in the field of Linguistics and the contribution HEC is playing in the development of a research culture in the country.

Department of Humanities’ MS Scholars presented their research papers in the first and second Kashmir International Conference on Linguistics held on May 15, 16 2013 and May 4, 5, 2015, respectively. The presenters of the first Kashmir International Conference on Linguistics were Air University MS Scholars, Mr Akhtar Abbas, Mr Yousaf, Mr Saadat Hasan Usmani, Ms. Fizza Farrukh and Ms. Sahara Khan while Ms Humaira Faraz, Mr Akhtar Abbas and Mr Yousaf presented in the second Kashmir International Conference on Linguistics.

The following topics were presented by the AU alumni in Second International Kashmir Conference on Linguistics:

  1. Code Switching: Fergusson’s perspective of H and L varieties with reference to English and Urdu (Dr Sikander Ali and Humaira Faraz)

  2. Camouflaging the (un)desirable: Replacing local expressions with socially acceptable/Respectable Foreign words (Akhtar Abbas and Muhammad Yousaf)

A Glimpse into the Department of Humanities’ Cultural Event: Unity in Diversity

Department of Humanities’ MS scholars under the supervision of Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr Wasima Shehzad organized a cultural event “Unity in Diversity” on March 12, 2015. The cultural event was organized to celebrate linguistic, social, religious and cultural harmony in Pakistani society. The chief guest of the occasion was Chairman Academy of Letters Prof. Dr Qasim Boghio who highlighted the importance of unity in diversity in Pakistan. While addressing the audience, the chief guest emphasized: “All the languages and cultures of Pakistan are like different flowers with sweet aroma. These all flowers together make the bouquet of beautiful flowers with their elegance. This acceptance and negotiation of linguistic and cultural identities could only make Pakistani people into a strong nation.” Prof. Dr. Wasima Shehzad threw light on the theme of the program: “Exploring unity in diversity is the only viable solution of social, religious and linguistic conflicts of Pakistan.”

The participants presented different cultures and languages through various items including songs, dramas, documentary and research-based presentation. The audience particularly enjoyed English to Urdu literal translation activity of notable English idioms. PhD scholar and faculty member Mr Akhtar Abbas presented a paper entitled “Prospects of Mother Tongue as Medium of Education in Pakistan: A Case Study” in which he emphasized not only the promotion, preservation and teaching of mother tongues but he also focused on the role of Urdu language for national cohesion.

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Mother Tongue Day Celebrations

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The Project of Linguistic Diversity in Pakistan Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Wasima Shehzad.

Team: Asim Khan, Tahir Khattak, Meher Fatima, Sadia Ali, Aamna Hassan and Zara Mansoor.(MS. Scholars)