Salient Features of Department of Management Studies(DBS)

Keeping with the Vision and mission of Air University we at the Department of Management Studies, Air University School of Management (AUSOM) always try to be at the forefront of Innovation by inculcating the values of leadership, pragmatism, care, and advancing our fields through continuous improvement. The knowledge that we acquire is delivered in our outstanding academic programs. Currently, the programs that we offer at the department of management studies are:

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

There is an increasing demand for healthcare services both locally and globally and with the increase in healthcare services the need to effectively manage the healthcare facilities and related infrastructure is bound to increase. This will boost the demand for persons who may manage these facilities professionally. Air University School of Management provides a platform for our students to gain the requisite knowledge and through our vastly integrated program can get the hands-on experience to manage hospitals, and work with the latest software needed to provide modern-day efficiency and effectiveness to run health care services.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Air University has been the pioneer in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi region launching the BS in Tourism and Hospitality Program (BSTHM) in 2019. AUSOM believes that if introduced to the world in the right way it holds tremendous potential for our nation and our people. BSTHM program is designed in a way to prepare our students to represent us on the Global forum with both a balance of traditional and contemporary practices that can make us unique.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management

The program is designed for candidates who aspire to Aviation education as well as an opportunity to develop strong business and management skills after their higher secondary education. The program shall equip candidates with the knowledge of the various aspects of the aviation industry both locally and globally and instill strong business acumen for a successful and ever lucrative aviation career. The knowledge that our students get in this program sensitizes them to the various opportunities that would be available to them upon the completion of this degree.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

The AUSOM BS Accounting and Finance program is specially designed for students who are seeking to acquire in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance within a broad base of business and management. A summer internship, as well as a research project, is also an integral part of the program in order to provide candidates with first-hand experience in dealing with real-time business issues. BSAF program is accredited by one of the highly acknowledged associations ACCA, and students of the BSAF program are offered nine exemptions in the same.