Fazaia Medical College has been established in Main Campus of Air University, Islamabad in 2015 as its constituent college. Dept of Physiology is one of the pioneer departments which has started functioning since the inception of this solitary Medical College of Pakistan Air Force.
Amongst different preclinical and clinical disciplines of UG curriculum, Physiology provides the basis for understanding the functions of organ - systems of human body and underlying mechanisms that provide the physiological basis of disease and treatment. Physiology will be taught as a major subject during first two years in horizontally integrated MBBS curriculum.

  • Undergraduate Program: Mission Statement:

    The undergraduate program of Physiology has been designed for the purpose to prepare the students of MBBS for undergoing training in clinical subjects and for graduate studies in its related disciplines. The rapid evolution in understanding the physiological sciences, has led to emphasize on learning the fundamental principles of various mechanisms and functions from cell to systems of the body in its clinical relevance.

  • Educational Objectives of the Program:

    The broad objectives of the undergraduate program of physiology are to instill in its graduates a solid foundation of Physiological principles of various systems of human body in relevance to the clinical signs and symptoms of disease and to develop intellectual skills essential for success in their careers.

Deptartment of Physiology

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