Introduction of Department of E.N.T

ENT Department is the integral part of PAF hospital Islamabad. It provides care to over 9000 patients in the outdoor with 180 major and minor surgeries a year. Diseases relevant to ENT take the centre stage as they constitute 70% of the diseases in general public.

Previously it used to be considered as Ear, Nose and Throat surgery but now sub specializations have appeared in every domain in this subject like Otology, microsurgery, rhinology, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Cochlear implant concerning the deaf children constituting 7% of the population. Head and Neck Surgery has been completely separated from ENT and so is the plastic Surgery concerning this subject. This certainly has improved the patient care.

The ENT department at Fazia Medical college, consists of thorough professionals, is geared to impart knowledge of the subject, using highly skilled and modern teaching methodologies (like PBL). Formal lectures, tutorial and bedside clinical methods are the basic methods of teaching. Lectures are delivered on multimedia and in future we will be able to connect with various members of external faculty in UK through satellite facilities.

Students of MBBS 3rd and 4th years are taught the subject. Department of ENT at FMC awards gold medal to the students obtaining more than 80% marks in ENT final examination in near future.

By Web Team AU